Choose the Correct New Zealand Job Visa for your Immigration Needs

Working in New Zealand guarantees a healthy work environment, fair wages, ideal work-life balance, and a high quality of life. New Zealand has one of the most stable economies in the world, and a multicultural social fabric. The rewarding employment opportunities in the labor market can be accessed through various New Zealand Job Visa options, which offer the added benefit of temporary or permanent resident status in the country.

It is necessary to choose the ideal visa, depending on the applicant’s profile and purpose. Some feasible visa pathways for eligible workers are:

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa allows overseas workers who are qualified to fill skills shortages in the New Zealand labor market to permanently live, work or study in the country. This is possibly the most streamlined route to actively pursue jobs in New Zealand for Indians.

Essential Skills Work Visa allows qualified workers – who have been offered a valid full-time job in New Zealand – to live, work or study in the country for up to five years, depending on the skill level required to perform that job.

Long-term Skill Shortage List Work Visa allows skilled workers who are qualified to work in an occupation that features on the Long-term Skill Shortage List, to work in New Zealand in that occupation for up to 30 months. After two years of working in that occupation in the country, the worker can apply for residence.

Specific Purpose Work Visa allows foreign nationals to enter New Zealand for a specific purpose or event – provided they possess relevant skills – and work for a specific employer, for the time allowed for the completion of that purpose or event. This is a short-term pathway to pursue jobs in foreign countries like New Zealand.

Post-study Work Visa allows people who have completed an eligible qualification in New Zealand to work for any employer in any field of work – or work for a specific employer who has made a valid job offer relevant to the field of study – in New Zealand for one, two, or three years.

Most New Zealand Job Visa pathways require the applicant to have a valid job offer from an employer in the country, in order to be eligible for the visa. Job seekers can connect with suitable employers directly, or through a reliable and credible job portal that holds legitimate manpower licenses to supply workers to international employers, and thus identify employment opportunities that are bound to result in sustainable careers.

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